Nanovaccines: A New Approach for Melanoma Treatment

Researchers have developed a nanovaccine that, when combined with antibodies and ibrutinib, shows potential as an effective treatment for melanoma. Immune checkpoint therapy, a form of cancer therapy which targets the immune system, has proven to be an effective treatment method for melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer. However, immune checkpoint therapy is limited by a low response rate, severe side effects, and acquired resistance to treatment. There is a need to develop an altern...
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Noninvasive Nanoscale Test Accurately Detects Bladder Cancer

Researchers have developed an accurate, noninvasive diagnostic test that can be used for a number of cancers. Their success in applying this test to the detection of bladder cancer makes it the first to effectively utilize atomic force microscopy (AFM) for diagnostic purposes. Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers and one of the most common causes of cancer-related death. If it is detected in stage 0, bladder cancer has a five-year survival rate of 98%; if it is detected at an advance...
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Nanoscale Liquid Biopsy Technique Reveals More About Cancer

​ Something intriguing occurs when nanoparticles come into contact with biological fluids: proteins attach themselves to the nanoparticle surfaces, forming what is called a "protein corona." This phenomenon has now resulted in a technique that could allow doctors and researchers to glean additional information from the blood of cancer patients. When researchers from the University of Manchester extracted injected liposomes—lipid-based nanoparticles used for drug delivery with minimal side effect...
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