Physical Activity Can Decrease Cardiovascular Risk in Childhood Cancer Survivors

In those who have survived childhood cancer, an unhealthy lifestyle can compound the risk of cardiovascular disease that can result from intensive cancer therapies. High blood pressure, high waist circumference, and high blood lipids, all of which are commonly found in childhood cancer survivors, can increase the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. However, according to a recent study, childhood cancer survivors could potentially mitigate the risk of cardiovascular disease with physical...
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Anti-Inflammatory Diet Reduces Risk of Early Death

A study recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine reports that adhering to an anti-inflammatory diet can prolong life, reducing risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, or any cause. This effect is particularly strong for smokers. The study followed 68,273 Swedish men and women, aged 45 to 83 years at the beginning of the study, over a 16-year period. Using a measure which evaluated consumption of 11 potential anti-inflammatory and 5 potential pro-inflammatory foods, resea...
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