Chemoradiation Increases Secondary Sarcoma Risk in Patients With Abdominopelvic Cancers

The results of a new study found that patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy simultaneously for abdominopelvic cancers were at higher risk of developing secondary sarcoma compared with patients who received surgery or radiation therapy alone for their treatment. "To our knowledge, this is the largest and most comprehensive series to estimate the risk of secondary sarcoma in a large group of adult patients treated for multiple primary abdominopelvic cancers...
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In Endometrial Cancer, Chemoradiotherapy Improves Outcomes

​Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy increases five-year overall survival and failure-free survival compared with radiotherapy alone for women with high-risk endometrial cancer, report the researchers of the phase 3 PORTEC-3 trial in their updated analysis, which has now been published in The Lancet Oncology. Around 15% to 20% of patients with endometrial cancer are considered to have high-risk endometrial cancer, defined as endometrioid endometrial cancer stage 1, grade 3 with deep invasion; stage II or...
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Endometrial Cancer: Chemoradiotherapy Versus Chemo Alone

​Because endometrial carcinoma is a heterogeneous disease, it is often difficult to treat, and women diagnosed with advanced disease are at risk for local and systemic recurrence. When researchers tested platinum-based chemotherapy plus radiation therapy against chemotherapy alone in patients with stage III or IVA endometrial carcinoma to see which treatment improved outcomes the most, they discovered that chemoradiotherapy did not improve outcomes more so than chemotherapy alone. This study, re...
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